Best Locations in Toronto for Engagement/Wedding Photography

Couples often ask me for advice in choosing a location in Toronto for their engagement and wedding photography. I’ve compiled a list of locations within the GTA that I would recommend. Some of my personal preferences are Guild Inn, the University of Toronto and Knox College for their unique architectural elements. In the end, it really depends on what best fits your style and suits your needs.

When it comes to permit costs, these usually apply to weddings. I’ve never been asked for a permit when shooting an engagement session, I usually keep it pretty low key with just myself and the couple so it doesn’t draw much attention to the shoot.

So without further ado, here is my list of my top locations in Toronto to shoot!

Guild Inn - Permit required - $330 for 2 hours
Evergreen Brickworks – Permit required - $250 for 2 hours
Alexander Muir Gardens - Permit required - $116 for 2 hours
Aga Khan – Permit required -  $250 for 90 min
Cherry Beach – No permit required
Distillery District – Permit required - $255 for 4 hours
Edwards Gardens – Permit required - $330 for 2 hours
Osgoode Hall – No permit required 
University of Toronto – Permit required - $130 per hour per site
Knox College - $350 for 2 hours
Casa Loma – Permit required - $200 - $300 depending on time of day
Fairmount Royal - Permit required - $500
Scarborough Bluffs - Permit required - $150 for 2 hours

Alicia CampbellComment